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Osnovni vodič za kupnju radnih cipela

A basic guide to buying work shoes

Work shoes are one of the most important categories of protective equipment and are part of the equipment of every worker. They are designed to provide comfort, safety and protection for your feet. In order to choose the right work...

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Radne rukavice koje će Vam pružati maksimalnu zaštitu

Work gloves that will provide you with maximum protection

After sprains, the second most common hand injury is cuts and burns. Nothing can prevent these injuries better than high-quality work gloves. They reduce the risk of injury at work by up to 70%. This is why it is necessary...

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MASCOT Radna odjeća

MASCOT Workwear

Employees in trades, construction and industry make great demands on their work clothes. According to the report, MASCOT makes a difference by paying attention to the high demands of workwear users. True to the company's working method and slogan "Tested...

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Rastezljive radne hlače

Stretchy work pants

Imagine work pants that are so comfortable, you won't want to take them off. MASCOT® ADVANCED pants are made of four-way stretch material that provides a sense of ultimate freedom of movement. The multi-purpose material combines the quality of stretch...

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ANSELL predstavio ALPHATEC 58-735 Kemijske rukavice

ANSELL presents ALPHATEC 58-735 Chemical gloves

Ansell, a global leader in safety solutions, announces the launch of AlphaTec® 58-735, a new innovative nitrile glove for multi-handling, offering an unmatched combination of chemical and anti-rust protection while providing exceptional comfort. It has been developed for use in...

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Reakcija na alergene u rukavicama

Reaction to allergens in gloves

EXPLANATION OF ALLERGY There is no cure for latex Type I allergies. While it is a good idea to move to a latex-free environment to eliminate the risk of adverse reactions and minimize sensitivity, there has been an increasing number...

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