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After sprains, the second most common hand injury is cuts and burns. Nothing can prevent these injuries better than high-quality work gloves. They reduce the risk of injury at work by up to 70%. This is why it is necessary to choose the right work gloves that will provide you with maximum protection when performing tasks. When choosing, pay attention to the size, texture and thickness of work gloves. The potential dangers you face every day should determine what material your gloves must be made of. PROSCO is an authorized distributor of Ansell protective gloves, which is the world's leading manufacturer of work gloves.

Read below about the types of work gloves based on the protection you need:
  • Chemical gloves
  • Mechanical and anti-friction gloves
  • Leather gloves
  • Gloves for heat protection

Chemical gloves

Chemical work gloves are most often used in cleaning, laboratory and medical institutions. They are an excellent way to protect against biological hazards, chemicals, solvents and other harmful substances, and at the same time enable mobility and precision.

Chemical work gloves are also anti-tear. They are made of several layers, i.e. a nitrile neoprene layer on the inside and an outer neoprene layer for chemicals. Neoprene provides superior protection against a range of hazardous chemicals including acids, alcohol, oil and inks.

ANSELL VERSATOUCH® 87-195 natural latex gloves - specially treated to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Only 0.35 mm thick, it therefore provides outstanding sensitivity. Excellent price-quality ratio!

Mechanical and anti-friction gloves

Mechanical and abrasion resistant gloves are important in many industries. They are made of synthetic material with a nitrile coating that serves to protect against oil, while polyurethane has the advantage of better grip on objects in the hand.

These work gloves are used in construction, manufacturing, storage, automotive industry. They are durable, flexible and cut-resistant and provide you with optimal protection during various activities.

Ansell HyFlex 11-840 protective gloves EN388 - nitrile foam coating (patented) offers EN Abrasion Level 4 protection, with up to twice the abrasion resistance of other lightweight, knitted gloves.

ANSELL Gladiator 16-500 protective gloves - cut-resistant, comfortable, ideal for handling glass, wrinkled surface provides excellent wet and dry grip on slippery surfaces, and protects hands from sharp edges.

Ansell Powerflex 80-658 work gloves - extreme resistance to cuts, splinters and furrows, resistant to liquids and solutions, good heat resistance. These work gloves are used when handling heavy loads, metal edges, metal plates, waste.

For other offers of mechanical work gloves, visit our work gloves category.

Leather gloves

Cowhide is one of the most common leathers used for professional gloves due to its comfort, economy and durability.

The advantages of leather gloves are: cut and puncture protection, grip control, impact protection, durability and comfort. The combination of protection and durability makes leather an ideal material for everything from yard work to welding.

Leather gloves are made with and without reinforcement on the palms and fingers.

NR 366042 Smooth leather glove 214 TOP - hemmed glove, has an inner elastic cuff.

Weldas welding gloves 2087 - made of cowhide, the gloves are flexible, more durable and heat resistant.

Gloves for heat protection

Heat-resistant work gloves are designed to protect against burns or other injuries that can result from contact with extremely hot objects, working near flames and exposure to high temperatures. They are made of cowhide in combination with Kevlar anti-combustible material resistant to high temperatures.

ANSELL Activarmr 43-216 welding glove - is a demanding special purpose glove that offers a high level of resistance. Ideal for many different applications requiring thermal protection, it also provides superior durability and good protection against cuts, punctures and abrasion.

If you are still not sure which gloves best suit your needs, feel free to contact our team, who will give you their expert opinion and advice.

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