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Employees in trades, construction and industry make great demands on their work clothes. According to the report, MASCOT makes a difference by paying attention to the high demands of workwear users. True to the company's working method and slogan "Tested for the job", the products are always developed for the target groups: »This methodology ensures that MASCOT's workplace clothing proactively meets and exceeds customer needs in terms of required features, functionally and aesthetically, which has resulted in high customer satisfaction," says Frost & Sullivan's analysis.

Seal as a confirmation of the working method

Together with other board members, MASCOT CEO Michael Grosbøl traveled to London to receive the award. He explains why he is particularly pleased to receive an award that improves product quality and product innovation. »The clothing industry consists of many manufacturers and suppliers of workwear , and the competition is deep. Therefore, it is an honor that Frost & Sullivan highlights MASCOT as the world's best target group offering for delivering quality and future-proof products. I see it as a seal of approval for MASCOT's focus on producing the best but not the cheapest products. Long-lasting workwear that performs and adapts to customers' daily lives in every way, gives our customers value – in the short and long term – says Michael Grosbøl. He adds that the award also recognized the way in which MASCOT develops products with the mantra "We don't follow the trend, we create it".

Quality is a deliberate strategy

High product quality is ensured through the company's TESTED TO WORK program, where products have undergone thorough quality control before, during and after production. The vast majority of MASCOT products are manufactured in own factories of certified companies in Vietnam and Laos. At MASCOT's factory in Vietnam, only 70 people are employed solely for product quality control. In addition to the positive impact on product quality, MASCOT's factories also provide customers with the opportunity to choose products manufactured in factories with documented socially responsible production.

Not only products, but also solutions

"MASCOT's uncompromising attitude to quality is linked to its strategic decision to deliver not only the best workwear but also the best workwear solutions that make it easier to find and buy the right products – for both distributors and end users," Frost & Sullivan said in a report. According to Frost & Sullivan it is a success factor in the industry, service solutions, efficient logistics and delivery reliability are equally important for customers. In this area, MASCOT is also among the leading companies in the apparel industry with award-winning e-commerce solutions for distributors and end users.

MASCOT is convincing in all areas

The basis for choosing MASCOT was Frost & Sullivan's comprehensive report on the European labor market and a 360-degree analysis of the most relevant manufacturers. In every aspect of the analysis, MASCOT was convincing in the industry, not least thanks to its "strong focus on quality, design and customer-oriented solutions". Michael Grosbøl promises that you can have high expectations from MASCOT in the future: »We are honored to receive such an honorable award. But that doesn't slow us down. On the contrary, we will enthusiastically continue in the same strategic direction and try to extend our leadership by creating workwear solutions that benefit our customers with quality, investment and innovation.

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