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Imagine work pants that are so comfortable, you won't want to take them off. MASCOT® ADVANCED pants are made of four-way stretch material that provides a sense of ultimate freedom of movement.

The multi-purpose material combines the quality of stretch with light weight and great durability. No more heavy and stiff work pants. Does your job require you to be in a position that is impractical in work pants? MASCOT Advanced work pants stretch where needed. "You don't feel like you're wearing them" was the reaction of one of the craftsmen who tested the pants. The soft, elastic material that follows the movements of the body makes the pants almost like a second skin. MASCOT® ADVANCED trousers come in varieties with elastic and highly durable pockets and knee inserts, well-spaced CORDURA® pockets, tool straps and smaller closed pockets for mobile phone, glasses, business cards, etc.

If you need airy knees during the day, the pants have ventilation channels that can be easily opened to start the flow of air.

Choose from numerous combinations, find MASCOT® ADVANCED trousers in seven different colors, numerous sizes and three leg lengths. The ability to find the correct leg length within MASCOT's three standard leg lengths allows pockets and other features to be placed in the right place.

In the range of work clothes , in addition to traditional long pants, you will also find ¾ length pants and shorts with detachable pockets. All types are made with a unique four-way stretch material that gives you comfort in a whole new way.

Check out our range of MASCOT ADVANCED workwear :

  1. MASCOT ADVANCED 4-way Stretch work trousers
  2. MASCOT ADVANCED 4-way Stretch work trousers with additional pockets
  3. MASCOT ADVANCED Stretch work pants with reinforced knees
  4. MASCOT ADVANCED Stretch work shorts
  7. MASCOT ADVANCED short-sleeved polo shirt

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